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CeramTec Values


IT Support Manager, Plochingen, Germany

Athanasios Koumtzidis

Award 2023

Nominated by more than one colleague, Athanasios (second person from the right) demonstrates his commitment to teamwork throughout the year. His continuous commitment to supporting others and listening to their feedback is highly appreciated by his colleagues and internal customers. 

He demonstrates a strong willingness to share his knowledge with others and is hands on in providing support to achieve results. His continuous efforts across daily tasks, projects and critical topics that arise is exemplary.

Team photo CeramTec values 2023
Dunia Sanchez, Rita Tardio, Matt Lacy at the presentation of the Value Award
Team members in Laurens, USA

Dunia Sanchez, Rita Tardio & Matt Lacy

Award, 2022

Dunia Sanchez (Metalizing Department), Rita Tardio (Assembly Department)and Matt Lacy (Engineering Department)were nominated by their US colleagues for the value of teamwork after making exceptional contributions over the past twelve months. Sadly, in August 2021, the US team unexpectedly lost a key member who had been with the company for over 20 years. Dunia, Rita and Matt took on additional responsibilities during this difficult time, demonstrating amazing teamwork and ambition to achieve the goal. Their dedication and determination to work as a team must be celebrated, and we are pleased to recognize their efforts with this award.

Site Service, Mechanics Centre & R&D, in Marktredwitz, Germany

Roland Heinl, Andreas Patzer and Anton Günthner

Award, 2021

The absolutely positive but unexpected increase in turnover in the Electronics profit centre at the Marktredwitz site presented the team with major challenges in 2021. This affected the Casting division in particular, where there was a critical staffing situation due to the increase in turnover and covid-related challenges. Compensating for the lack of employees in this area, which supplies all other production processes in substrate manufacturing and is therefore considered a bottleneck, could not be done due to the complex machine and system operation in the short term. Roland Heinl, Andreas Patzer and Anton Günthner demonstrated great team spirit by swapping their office shirts for the proverbial "blue collars". They temporarily gave up their regular tasks in the site service, the mechanics centre and R&D in order to support their colleagues in the casting area of the electronics production - and thus also all subsequent process steps - under difficult conditions and thus avoid threatening customer escalations due to failed deliveries. The alternating shift in particular required a high degree of flexibility, also with regard to the organisation of private life. We would like to reward this commitment to the team with the Values Award for "Teamwork".

CeramTec Marktredwitz
Helen Eschenauer
Head of Application Engineering, Lohmar

Helen Eschenauer

Award, 2020

In her role, Helen has responsibility for leading and delivering technical application support for customers and continuous improvement of materials and products.

This includes the development of new products, new processes and the expansion of product lines with new or modified materials for new product applications. In performing her role, Helen proactively demonstrates her commitment both to the Transparent Ceramics business unit and the Lohmar Plant. She is recognized by many as someone who makes considerable and consistent efforts to support her colleagues in Production and Sales. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and offering practical support to others. As an example, earlier this year the production area experienced a hard breakdown on a Spray Dryer. Whilst the Operations team focused on the immediate issue caused by this event, Helen took the lead to identify the root cause and formulate cross department action plans. By being a proactive and committed team member, she played a key role in managing the immediate issues to resolution resulting in no negative impact on outstanding deliveries and actions were put in place to minimize the chances of a re-occurrence. Helen’s commitment to great Teamwork is invaluable and she is a true asset to the overall team.