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Technical Ceramics - Material of the Future

Technical ceramics are undoubtedly a unique material. Its outstanding material properties enable applications that were previously unthinkable. Whether in medical technology, mobility & e-mobility, cutting tools, electrical engineering & electronics or industry - technical ceramics offer a wide range of benefits and applications.

With technical ceramics, we develop innovative and high-performance products & solutions together with our customers that help shape the world of tomorrow. Thanks to their extreme hardness, resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and wear, as well as their excellent electrical properties, technical ceramics are able to create particularly high-performance and durable products. Therefore, we can justifiably claim: We live ceramics!

Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of technical ceramics and discover the incredible possibilities of this unique material.

Production & Use of this Material of the Future

Fascination of Advanced Ceramics

Let us inspire you with the fascinating possibilities of high-performance ceramics!

Immerse yourself with us in the production of this material of the future - from its origins in the form of silicates and metallic compounds in the earth to specialised high-end solutions for the challenges of the future.

Discovering High-Performance Ceramics

The basis of all CeramTec products is high-performance ceramics. It is also known as technical ceramics, engineering ceramics or industrial ceramics. Behind this lies a multitude of different, in part highly specialised ceramic materials with unique mechanical, thermal, biochemical and electrical properties - as well as their combinations.

These properties can be further developed, optimised and combined for use in technical applications. Technical ceramics can thus be used to design very high-performance components that optimally fulfil their task and can be far superior to competing materials such as metal or plastic in their field of application - because technical ceramics are wear-resistant, chemically corrosion-resistant, have a low density and are temperature-resistant.

Ceramic products and applications from CeramTec
Technical Ceramics

Material Groups

CeramTec technical ceramics can be divided into four major groups of ceramic materials: Silicate ceramics, oxide ceramics, non-oxide ceramics and piezoceramics.

Silicate ceramics are the oldest representative of ceramic materials for technical applications and consist mainly of naturally occurring raw materials in combination with aluminium oxide (alumina, aluminium silicates). The oxide ceramics group includes materials that essentially consist of metal oxides, such as aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, aluminum titanate or dispersion ceramics

The material group non-oxide ceramics includes ceramic materials based on compounds of carbon, nitrogen and silicon, such as silicon carbide, silicon nitride or aluminum nitride. Piezoceramics (also: functional ceramics) are ceramic materials that serve to convert mechanical variables into electrical variables, or vice versa, electrical signals into mechanical movements or vibrations.

Top Performance thanks to Technical Ceramics

Material Properties

  • Biocompatibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • Compressive strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Density and stiffness (Young’s modulus)
  • Dielectric strength
  • Electrical insulation
  • Flexural strength
  • Food compatibility
  • Hardness
  • Piezo-electricity and dynamics
  • Metalization (joining technology)
  • Temperature resistance
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Thermal expansion
  • Thermal insulation
  • Thermal shock and fluctuation resistance
  • Wear resistance
CeramTec Products infront of a blue background
Why CeramTec?

Competences & Expertise

We have been a leading developer, manufacturer and global provider of special solutions made of advanced ceramics since 1903. Hip prostheses, dental implants, applications in the mobility and electronics industry or in aerospace - advanced ceramics from CeramTec are used in numerous areas. Our portfolio includes well over 10,000 different products, parts and components made of technical ceramics as well as a variety of ceramic materials.

We employ more than 3,400 people in Europe, the USA and Asia - more than 2,000 of them at locations in Germany. Our order books are more than full. That is why we are continuously investing in Germany and worldwide.

Development of innovative products, materials and processing technologies

We continuously research and develop materials as well as manufacturing and coating processes for new products in established and in new markets. Our product development focuses primarily on providing forward-looking customer-oriented innovations and solutions.

Our centralised R&D infrastructure, with over 600 patents and more than 150 scientists and engineers working in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and collaborating with leading research institutions worldwide, enables us to remain an innovation driver.

Versatile & Efficient

Areas of Application and Markets for Technical Ceramics

As diverse as the advantages of ceramic high-performance materials are, so are the areas of application:

Medical doctor holding ceramic in his hand

Medical Technology

Ceramic solutions by CeramTec are widely used as surgical implants in orthopedics, dentistry and veterinary medicine. We are distinguished by our outstanding manufacturing know-how, our high volume production capabilities  and our uncompromising quality management.

CeramTec Medical

Medical Equipment

With more than 45 years of expert knowledge in medical technology, we offer our customers globally networked engineering and solutions expertise. This is essential for the safety-critical components we supply to our medical technology customers.

CeramTec Medical Equipment

CeramTec Ceramic Components for Medical Equipment.
Car Wind Power emobility Environment

Automotive & E-Mobility

Technical ceramics make decisive contributions to mobility. In the field of eMobility, components made of advanced ceramics have the potential to make a significant contribution to future-oriented, resource-saving and environmentally friendly mobility. 

CeramTec Mobility

Chemical Industry

Thanks to comprehensive industry expertise and many years of experience with chemically inert ceramic materials, CeramTec develops individual ceramic solutions for demanding applications in the chemical industry and enables a wide range of application-specific benefits.

CeramTec Chemicals

Chemical Industry Sundown Germany
Cutting Tools Airplane Turbine

Cutting Tools

For more than 60 years, the CeramTec brand SPK® has stood for high-performance and efficient machining processes with ceramic cutting materials, PcBN grades and cermets. The CeramTec SPK® Solution Team creates practical solutions in vehicle construction, aerospace, the gear and bearing industry, mechanical engineering and wind energy.

SPK® Cutting Tools

Electronic Applications

Technical ceramics are widely used in electronics and electrical engineering as well as in information and communication technology.  Technical ceramics are used in a variety of applications such as circuit carriers, core materials, protective components, actuators and sensors. 

CeramTec Electronics

Semiconductor Wafer Chuck Ceramic

Industrial Applications

Components made of ceramic materials perform their service in many technical systems and devices. Technical ceramics enable the safe functioning of plants, machines and equipment, the control of processes, the reduction of emissions and a responsible use of our resources.

Industrial Solutions

Product & Material Highlights

Biocompatible, Wear Resistant and Durable
BIOLOX® – Ceramic Orthopedic Solutions

Specialized knowledge in development and production together with uncompromising quality make BIOLOX® advanced ceramic implants the successful, clinically-proven standard worldwide.

*Please check for regulatory approval in your country: www.biolox.com

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Biocompatible, Metal-free and Aesthetic
DENSILOX® – Ceramic Dental Solutions

More than 30 years of experience in dental applications make CeramTec a trusted partner for the development of dental solutions.

*Please check for regulatory approval in your country: www.densilox.com

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3D Printing Solutions
Additive Manufacturing with SiSiC and Al2O3

CeramTec combines the unique material properties of advanced ceramics with the unbeatable process advantages of 3D printing. This is how high-quality, additively manufactured components made of silicon carbide (SiSiC) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3) are created - in a wide variety of designs and in the shortest possible production times.

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Power Module for Drive Inverters
Cooling Solutions for E-Mobility

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology "IISB" in Erlangen, Germany, we have developed innovative cooling solutions for power electronics in E-Mobility drive trains.

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Components for the Semiconductor Industry
Advanced Ceramics for Semiconductors

Our ceramic components for the semiconductor industry are exposed to extreme manufacturing and handling conditions, where they have to withstand the highest chemical and physical stresses and function reliably and precisely over the long term.

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Key Components for Electronic Applications
Ceramic Substrates

A wide range of different key components for electronic applications (e.g. electronic circuit carriers) can be manufactured from ceramic substrates, which fulfil their function permanently and safely in various Areas of Application.

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High Power Ultrasonic Transducers & Piezoceramic Sensors
Experience in Piezoceramics

Piezoceramic components enable the conversion of forces, pressures and accelerations to electrical signals. In sound generators and ultrasonic transducers, they transform voltages into oscillations or deformations.

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SPK® Cutting Materials and Tool Systems
Machining Expertise

For more than 60 years, the CeramTec brand SPK® has stood for high-performance and efficient design of cutting processes with ceramic cutting materials, PcBN grades and cermets. With coordinated tool systems and extensive application knowledge, we create practical solutions in vehicle construction, aerospace, the gear and bearing industry, mechanical engineering and wind energy.

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Experience Technical Ceramics

If you would like to familiarise yourself with technical ceramics and its possibilities, we recommend first and foremost our "Technical Ceramics Handbook" and the brochure "Advanced Ceramics in Our World" in the download area

In addition, you will encounter technical ceramics at many international trade fairs and events - but a visit to the Technical Ceramics exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich or the Porzellanikon, the European Museum of Technical Ceramics in Selb, is always worthwhile. CeramTec contributed numerous exhibits made of ceramic materials to both exhibitions.  

We also recommend reading the article about advanced ceramics on Wikipedia and visiting the web pages of the Ceramics Industry Association, were you will find specific information.