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Our Subsidiary Emil Müller GmbH - The Salt Core Experts

Salt Core Technology

Residue-free cavities in cast components

Our salt cores are mainly used in foundry technology for the realization of cavities in cast components. Compared to conventional sand cores, our natural product convinces with a residue-free removal by simple rinsing. Our raw material salt is characterized by unlimited availability, environmental friendliness and good water solubility.

Taking ceramic fundamentals into account, we produce our cores using a proven and economical technology, the uniaxial dry pressing process. Together with our customers, we develop forward-looking solutions far beyond foundry requirements. This constant further development of the systems allows our salt cores to be used in high pressuredie casting today.

Are you interested in our products & solutions? We look forward to hearing from you.

Salt Core Example Emil Mueller

Applications & Product Highlights

From light metal casting to high pressure die casting to plastic injection moulding

The use of our salt core technology for the realisation of cavities is very diverse and offers decisive technical added value compared to conventional production in the automotive, aerospace, industrial and leisure sectors.

Image: CF-PEEK plate courtesy of Ensinger GmbH

Our sintered salt cores in many dimensions and shapes

With the help of our salt core technology, complex cavities with an excellent surface quality can be realised in the casting for various applications.

Large-scale production for the reproduction of oil-bearing cooling channels

Our environmentally friendly, sintered salt cores are used on an industrial scale for the realisation of piston cooling channels and can also be used in other casting processes due to their very high strength.

Customised solutions for customer-specific applications

With a large number of patents for, among other things, various binder systems and salt preparation, Emil Müller GmbH is a convincing technology leader in the field of salt core technology.

More than 40 years of know-how in salt core technology

Our bonded salt cores have been used serially in gravity die casting for decades.

Our Salt Core offers:

  • Complex salt core geometries in compliance with design criteria
  • Smooth / customised surface
  • High mechanical strength and dimensional stability
  • Water-soluble raw materials
  • Good environmental compatibility
  • High long-term stability and storability
Salt Core Example Emil Mueller
Salt Core Example Emil Mueller

Advantages for your Casting Process

  • Extended design freedom
  • Internal contours and cavities can be represented in the cast component
  • Elimination of complex slider technology
  • Near-net-shape production: no post-processing of the end product necessary
  • Can be used under automated, harsh conditions and even in die casting
  • Residue-free and gentle salt core removal
Salt Core Example Emil Mueller
Lost cores for the foundry technology

Brochure: Saltcore Technology

The Salt Core Experts

Emil Müller GmbH

Emil Müller GmbH was founded in 1921 for the production of sheet metal packaging and established itself in the following years as a permanently reliable automotive supplier with stamped and bent parts. For more than 40 years, Emil Müller GmbH in Wilhermsdorf has successfully manufactured approx. 40 million salt cores per year for piston casting as well as complex salt core geometries for customer-specific applications.

With our know-how and sophisticated products, we have opened up new markets worldwide and founded subsidiaries ​​​​​​​in Poland, Brazil, Mexico and India. Thus, as a 100% subsidiary of CeramTec, the Emil Müller Group now comprises more than 220 employees at five locations worldwide.

Salt Core Example Emil Mueller
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