The Ceramic Experts’ Supervisory Board

Dr. Günter von Au

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Vice-Chairman and non-executive member of the Board of Directors at Clariant International Ltd.

Andrej Babache

CPP Investments

Moritz Elfers

BC Partners

Sabrina Emrich

Vice Chairman, IG BCE

Jürgen Haas*

Works Council in Lauf

Pascal Heberling

BC Partners

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Huber

Honorary Professor at the TU Braunschweig and Consultant

Gerd Hammerl*

IG BCE Bavaria

Falco Pichler

BC Partners

Alexander Schätz*

Chairman of the CeramTec Works Council in Lauf

Kevin Schramm*

Plant Director at the CeramTec site in Lohmar

Monika Träger*

Employee at the CeramTec site in Marktredwitz

* Employee Representative

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