Welcome to our world of Advanced Ceramics.
Medical Technologies
Ceramic solutions by CeramTec are widely used as surgical implants in orthopedics, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Advanced ceramics are also indispensable in medical devices and equipment.
Electronic Applications
Ceramic substrates, circuit carriers, core materials and many other components are in use throughout the electronics industry.
Energy & Environment
Ceramic materials enable safe, low-wear process control, reduce emissions and ensure efficient use of resources in many areas of energy supply and environmental technology.
Mechanical Engineering
CeramTec advanced ceramics make it possible to securely control processes and reduce emissions in many areas of the chemicals industry and process engineering.

The Ceramic Experts

CeramTec is a manufacturer and supplier of technical ceramics since 1903 and is active at production sites in Europe, USA and Asia with more than 3,500 employees worldwide. Well over 10,000 products, components and parts made by the ceramic experts are used in a wide range of applications. We develop and produce customer-specific medium and large series made of various ceramic materials tailored to customer requirements. Discover with CeramTec the world of advanced ceramics and one of the most powerful materials of our time.


Employees Worldwide


Million € Revenue in 2019


Production Sites in Europe, the USA and Asia

CeramTec News
Dental Ceramics by CeramTec certified by CleanImplant
On January 6th 2021 the CeramTec Group was awarded the "Certified Production Quality" certificate by the CleanImplant Foundation in Berlin.
Two awards for CeramTec as top supplier
Both awards were made at the end of last year
CeramTec Group acquires Dentalpoint AG
CeramTec expands its ceramic Medtech leadership

Product & Material Highlights

Biocompatible, Wear Resistant and Durable
BIOLOX® – Ceramic Orthopedic Solutions

Specialized knowledge in development and production together with uncompromising quality make BIOLOX® advanced ceramic implants the successful, clinically-proven standard worldwide.

*Please check for regulatory approval in your country:

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Biocompatible, Metal-free and Aesthetic
DENSILOX® – Ceramic Dental Solutions

More than 30 years of experience in dental applications make CeramTec a trusted partner for the development of dental solutions.

*Please check for regulatory approval in your country:

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Tubes, Rings, Bearings, Nozzles or Valves – ROCAR® Silicon Carbide
ROCAR® Silicon Carbide for Industrial Applications

Components made from ROCAR® silicon carbide ceramics are extraordinarily hard, wear-resistant and possess excellent thermal conductivity properties. Corrosion, abrasion or erosion by liquid media are a thing of the past with ROCAR®, as is wear due to friction. What’s more, this material can also be used in the food and beverage industry because silicon carbide is non-toxic.

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Innovative Thermal Management with Ceramic Heat-Sinks
CeramCool® Heat-Sinks

New possibilities with highly thermally conductive CeramCool® ceramic heat-sinks made from alumina and aluminum nitride for thermal management of high-power electronics, photovoltaic, LED and other applications.

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CeramTec Machining Expertise
SPK® Cutting Materials and Tool Systems for Machining Applications

For over 60 years the CeramTec’s SPK® brand has stood for powerful, efficient design in machining processes with ceramic cutting tools, PcBN grades and cermets. Thanks to its matching tooling systems and comprehensive application expertise, the CeramTec SPK® Solution Team is able to create practically oriented solutions in the fields of automotive engineering and aerospace, the transmission and bearing industry, in mechanical engineering and in wind power.

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Vacuum-tight, Hermetically Sealed Ceramic-to-Metal, Glass-to-Ceramic and Glass-to-Metal Components
Electrical and Optical Ceramaseal® Components

Electrical and optical Ceramaseal® components with ceramic parts such as electrical feedthroughs, NPT feedthroughs, coaxial connectors, isolators, multi-pin connectors, viewports, thermocouples, terminals, and accessories are just some of the specialties of the CeramTec experts in North America.

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Bearing Rollers made from Silicon Nitride Ceramics
Cyrol® – Ceramic Roller Bearings

Cyrol silicon nitride bearing rollers from CeramTec meet the technical requirements for roller bearings according to the ASTM F2730/F2730M Class I Standard for martketable prices: For needles, cylindrical rollers, barrel rollers, tapered rollers and spherical rollers.

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Welcome to the Advanced Ceramic Experts


More than 3,500 employees contribute to our success and appreciate CeramTec as a modern employer with genuine character. Are you looking for more, too? Then apply now to kickstart your future with CeramTec.

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