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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Principles of Sustainable Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is embedded in our corporate culture and is integral to the worldwide CeramTec Group. Our CSR Policy supports our aim to achieve profitable, global growth, conserving energy and protecting natural resources, while acting in an ethical way with integrity, as outlined in our Management Policy. CeramTec is aware of its corporate social responsibility towards its stakeholders, society and the environment. Sustainable development means taking responsibility for the impact our thoughts and actions have in the

dimensions that affect our natural resources, our employees, our customers, society, financial markets, business partners and neighboring communities – embedded in a Corporate Governance System. CeramTec exerts influence in a positive, ethical and respectful way to strengthen and advance our international leadership position as one of the world’s best advanced ceramics producers. The CeramTec Board sets, reviews and reports on our goals and achievements on an annual basis and assumes ultimate responsibility for the CeramTec Social Responsibility Policy. Our CeramTec Management Policy as well as the laws and regulations that apply worldwide to all of our employees ensure sustainable action in all of our business areas.

For Sustainable Business Development

Financial Responsibility

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We aim to achieve sustained, profitable growth for continued successful business development characterized by responsible business practices and integrity. Financial sustainability is the basis for the future of our company and positively affects employees, shareholders, customers, business partners and suppliers.

We can only achieve financial success with our customers, which is why the satisfaction of our customers is the core focus of our strategy. We create sustainable demand by offering competitive products with the highest possible quality that are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. Our special focus on customer satisfaction and trust ensures longterm cooperation – it is the cornerstone of our company’s stable financial growth.

For Sustainable Environmental Development

Environmental Responsibility

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CeramTec is committed to making the world a greener place by keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible. We understand that ecological sustainability is a key component of our corporate social responsibility and strive to keep our own impact on the environment to a minimum by conducting environmentally-friendly, professional and safe operations. This includes conserving scarce resources such as raw materials, energy and water as well as avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions and waste.

Our fair, ethical and environmentally-friendly approach incorporates everything from the management of our company, the manufacturing of our products to the procurement of resources and even our investments in buildings and facilities. Constantly tracking our efforts enhances our environmental protection and energy management programs while making our methods and processes safer and more efficient. We take various aspects of energy management into consideration when developing materials and products. A unique training concept and regular information on energy management contribute significantly to employee awareness in this area.

All employees are actively involved in the various aspects of energy management as part of daily business and thus help us reach our goals and continue to improve our methods and processes. Our efforts pay off worldwide by helping preserve essential resources that form the basis of life for us all.

For Sustainable Social Development

Social Responsibility

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We are dedicated to improving society by operating our business in a responsible manner and always acting with integrity in all areas: As an employer, business partner and “good neighbor” and valuable member of the local community at all of our company’s sites. For CeramTec, taking responsibility for the people we have direct relationships with is a matter of principle.

We are aware that our actions affect more than just the people we deal with directly – we also have a broader impact on society in general. Therefore we strive to be a responsible and prudent business partner who follows sound ethical and moral principles, acts in accordance with the law and lives up to high standards for social responsibility by applying specific rules and guidelines. Above all, this concerns our employees. Their expertise, technical skills, creativity and dedication are the driving force behind our sustainable global success. The diversity of CeramTec employees is a tremendous asset. CeramTec is committed to providing an equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and requires strict adherence to laws regarding discrimination and harassment in the workplace. We ensure our employees’ health and safety through a strictly enforced OHS policy, provide good working conditions and offer opportunities for development and qualification so that they can take advantage of their full potential. Our Continuous Improvement System ensures participation and motivation for ongoing optimization of the company.

In our business relations, we want to be the preferred partner by acting in a reliable, respectful and trustworthy manner to achieve sustainable relationships marked by long-term economic success for both parties. We have a global presence and are a good neighbor in the communities where our sites are located by shaping our social surroundings in a positive way. Our involvement includes both indirect contributions such as donations and direct activity in the fields of education and science, arts, culture, sports and in social and humanitarian projects.

For Acting with Integrity

Corporate Governance

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CeramTec’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board consistently implement principles of responsible corporate governance. Primarily these consist of a compliance management system, an internal control system, and risk management. All are monitored and controlled by audits conducted on a regular base. This also includes management decisions aimed at creating value over the long term, a formal, transparent process for nominating and electing board members, protecting the interests of various groups, targeted collaboration within the company management, monitoring objectives and clear and transparent corporate communications and reporting.

We always act in accordance with applicable laws and standards – and often excel. Our CSR Policy stands alongside other policies of the CeramTec Group, among them our Management Policy, our Code of Conduct, the SHE Policy, the Procurement Policy or the Energy Management Policy which ensure our sustainable action.

For Quality of Life and Profitability

Sustainable Materials

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Developing products made from advanced ceramics reflects our sense of responsibility when it comes to the future. We create sustainable solutions that are used worldwide in countless industries and fields of application. They improve quality of life, increase efficiency, enhance productivity, save energy and protect the environment – while supporting our customers in reaching their own sustainability targets.

CeramTec Quality