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CeramTec Values

Customer focus

Quality Manager, Marktredwitz, Germany

Anke Thiel

Award 2023

Anke demonstrates a committed approach to solving problems and ensuring customers (whether internal or external) receive the best service we can provide. She is reactive to issues as they arise and does her best to make sure we deliver high quality products according to the customers needs. 

To achieve this, Anke is proactive in working across teams and invests time and effort to build a strong network across CeramTec. Examples are too many to name, but recent examples include addressing issues with sealing seams and raw material storage.

Anke Thiel at the presentation of the Value Award
Simone Maul at the presentation of the Value Award
Account Manager PVS in Lauf, Germany

Simone Maul

Award 2022

Simone Maul is an Account Manager in Germany in our Pumps, Valves and Seals (PVS) sales team and we are pleased to recognize her for the value of customer focus. Despite challenges with delivery times and significant market demands, Simone Maul has always been able to find a good solution for the customer or to negotiate a compromise, building and maintaining strong customer relationships. This has resulted in direct feedback to the company from her customers, who praise Simone for her diligence and positive contribution. She always pays attention to the customers’ perspective and spends time and energy understanding their needs and thinking about how the business can grow.

Customer Service Team Leader, Southampton, UK

Tracey Yorke

Award, 2021

Since Tracey Yorke has been leading the customer service teams in Ruabon and Southampton, customer satisfaction has improved significantly. This is evident not only in the improved delivery reliability, in which Tracey has played a major role by optimising processes and working closely with production control, but also in the reliable, timely and solutions-oriented communication with our customers. Positive feedback from several customers is proof of this.

But Tracey does not stop there. She supported the transfer of products from SOU to RUA, both in customer communication and in optimising internal logistics processes. She is instrumental in the upgrade of the ERP system IFS, where she also looks at processes, standardises them and optimises them in favour of customer service. She masters the high workload with confidence and optimism and is therefore a valued colleague and team leader.

CeramTec Southampton, UK
Employees in the office
Customer Service Specialist & Order Fulfilment Manager in Šumperk, Czech Republic

Dita Ramsey & Pavel Šindler

Award, 2020

Dita and Pavel have made considerable efforts to deliver a significant improvement in our delivery performance for a key customer; Eagle Burgmann.

Since the beginning of 2019 their combined efforts have resulted in an improvement from 24% to 96% On Time Delivery (OTD). This performance is measured and reported on a weekly basis and is also shared and discussed with the customer. To achieve this incredible turnaround, Dita and Paul have worked closely together on tasks including overviewing stock parts sent to the customer on a weekly basis, reviewing and analysing any delivery delays, completing a weekly customer call to discuss open topics and share priorities and regular consultation with their internal colleagues in Production regarding any open orders. By placing the customer at the heart of their actions and working together, the team have achieved a great result which gives value to our Company and to the customer.