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The Experts for Wear, Corrosion and Ballistic Protection

CeramTec-ETEC is a CeramTec subsidiary headquartered in Lohmar, Germany that offers solutions made from ALOTEC® advanced ceramics for wear and corrosion protection and ceramic armor for ballistic protection of personnel, vehicles and assets.

CeramTec-ETEC, a subsidiary of CeramTec since November 2008, is one of the world’s most important providers of wear and corrosion protection solutions for industrial plants and of components for ballistic protection of personnel and vehicles based on ALOTEC® advanced ceramics.

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Increasingly higher demands on machine performance

Advanced ceramics are key for wear protecting of industrial equipment in today’s manufacturing environment

Minimum downtime and maximum durability: Industrial machines are subject to increasingly higher demands which requires advanced materials. CeramTec-ETEC’s advanced ceramics materials for wear and corrosion protection provide added value to companies for a wide range of applications, enabling cost savings through supporting a longer lifetime of industrial equipment.

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CeramTec-ETEC: expert for ceramic armour materials

Customised pre-assembled panels solution enabling maximum protection and cost savings

Providing a service that goes beyond standard solutions, ballistic protection specialist CeramTec-ETEC builds fully customised pre-assembled ceramic armour panels for armoured vehicles, enabling time and cost savings for customers. Part of the industrial ceramics manufacturer CeramTec, the company uses advanced ceramic materials based on alumina and silicon carbide for its ceramic protective equipment components, which are a key element in modern composite armour systems, delivering weight reduction while retaining the same level of protection as steel.

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