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Publications, international

  • Controlsdrivesautomation.com, 02-04-2021, (3D-printed ceramic components)
  • Pim-international.com, 02-05-2021, (CeramTec adds SiSiC material for AM to its technical ceramics portfolio)
  • Cieonline.co.uk, 03-17-2021, ( CeramTec with innovative service suite for high power ultrasonic surgery transducers)
  • Eurekamagazine.co.uk, 04-15-2021, (CeramTec develops ceramic power module)
  • Electronicspecifier.com, 05-04-2021, (Ceramic power module for drive inverter at PCIM Europe)
  • Electricalengineeringmagazine.co.uk, 05-04-2012, (CeramTec presents new ceramic power module for drive inverter at PCIM Europe)
  • Electronicspecifier.com, 06-14-2021, (Integrated SiC power module on ceramic heat sink launched)
  • Pandct.com, 06-14-2021, (New machining strategies for hard turning thanks to solid PcBN and ceramic indexable inserts)
  • Pandct.com, 06-15-2021, (Test results confirm thermal characteristics of new ceramic power module for driver inverters in e-mobility)
  • Cieonline.co.uk, 07-05-2021, (Research in space: CeramTec part of project consortium)
  • 3dprintingindustry.com, 07-06-2021, (CeramTec produces ceramic sample containers for space experiments on the ISS)
  • Pandct.com, 07-06-2021, (CeramTec part of project consortium - production of ceramic sample containers for experiments on International Space Station)
  • Aero-mag.com, 07-09-2021, (Advanced ceramics in ISS research)
  • Eenewsautomotive.com, 08-25-2021, (High-performance ceramic module for drive inverters)
  • Pandct.com, 08-31-2021, (CeramTec module for drive inverters - efficient cooling in e-mobility - IAA Mobility 2021)
  • Maschinenmarkt.ch, 09-20-2021, (Schneidplatten aus Keramik selbst konfigurieren)
  • Marketsteel.de, 11-03-2021, (Hochleistungskeramik steigert Wertschöpfung in der Fräsbearbeitung)
  • med-technews.com, 02-02-2022, (CeramTec highlights cutting materials for machining)
  • PIM International, 11-03-2022, (CeramTec expands capabilities with XJet’s Carmel 1400C ceramic AM machine)
  • XJET Press Releases, 11-03-2022, (CeramTec chooses XJET solution, citing AM as "Strategic Imperative" for future growth)
  • PIM International, 11-14-2022, (CeramTec plans extension at Marktredwitz manufacturing facility)
  • healio.com, 02-04-2023, (CeramTec appoints Sternberg as new president medical)
  • ryortho.com, 02-07-2023, (Dr. Katrin Sternberg joins CeramTec as President Medical)
  • Electronics Specifier, 06-11-2024, (Strong basis for customer-specific power modules)

Professional articles / guest contributions