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CeramTec Pop-up Office in Berlin

CeramTec in exchange with start-ups and innovators from the mobility sector

CeramTec is breaking new ground: This month we opened a "pop-up office" for the first time at Drivery Berlin. Drivery is a place where numerous start-ups and innovators dealing with the topic of mobility work under one roof. As you know, we also offer a diverse range of solutions for e-mobility as well as in the automotive segment in general.

In the coming months, we will be networking closely with relevant partners at this location. In particular, employees from the relevant CeramTec departments will be on site at Drivery for days or weeks at a time, making contacts and getting inspired about the future of mobility. In addition, we can use the temporary small Berlin office and the Drivery infrastructure for meetings events or even for customer appointments.

We are looking forward to further expanding our network in the mobility world and collaborating with the great startup and innovation community at Drivery.