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Improved accuracy in water flow measurement with temperature-stable ultrasonic flow sensors

Accurate measurement of water flow.

The accurate measurement of water flow in domestic metering or industrial applications can be affected by variations in ultrasonic sensing parameters over temperature. An improved 2MHz ultrasonic flow sensor developed by CeramTec delivers stable, consistent measurements by reducing zero flow offset to improve the accuracy of ultrasonic meters for utilities measurement from 0°C to 130°C.

The challenge in development of ultrasonic flow sensors for accurate ultrasonic meters is stabilising zero flow offset over the temperature range without a stable zero flow measurement, meters will present inaccurate readings. This nonreciprocity between the ultrasonic flow sensors can vary non-linearly over the operating temperature range reducing efficacy of the algorithmic calibration profile, reducing dynamic range and measurements accuracy in ultrasonic meters.

CeramTec’s leading piezo ceramic expertise, combined with transducers design knowledge has led to the release of an improved 2MHz water coupled transducers. The variation in zero-flow offset over temperature has been reduced to values as low as 30ps which improves measurement accuracy and increases dynamic range. These sensors have been used to take accurate measurements below 5 litres per hour for domestic applications, over a full temperature range.

The improved ultrasonic sensors also offer a best in class sensitivity and bandwidth. Sensitivity as high as -8dB over a 150mm water filled path, and a bandwidth of 400kHz at -3dB.

CeramTec’s bespoke design capability allows for customisation of ultrasonic transducers for use in extreme environments tailored to our customer’s specification.

Oksana Jaroszak, Transducer Engineer at CeramTec UK, explains: “Our improved 2MHz sensors offer ultrasonic water meter providers to measure more accurately over a wider dynamic range. Our commitment to improving our customer’s products and world-wide renowned ultrasonic know-how have enabled us to produce more effective, higher quality ultrasonic sensors for the ultrasonic utilities flow measurement market.”