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CeramTec introduces Ceramic Substrate Sinalit®

CeramTec launches Sinalit®, a silicon nitride substrate, at this year’s PCIM Europe. This new addition to CeramTec’s portfolio is aimed at the automotive industry, supporting the customization of power modules for e-mobility and vehicle electrification.

Automotive manufacturers are making electric vehicles that are not only more powerful but also more customized and efficient. This trend extends to individual components, prompting many OEMs to develop custom-specific power modules. CeramTec’s Sinalit® substrate, based on silicon nitride (Si3N4), facilitates the creation of these bespoke solutions. In power module systems, it offers benefits such as low weight, high power density, and long service life. It is also robust, able to withstand challenging environmental conditions like movement and pollutants. Additionally, Sinalit® substrates can be manufactured very thin, with CeramTec providing tight external tolerances for customized power modules, making them ideal for the confined installation spaces in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Silicon Nitride: The Optimal Choice

Silicon nitride is known for its particularly high flexural strength of ≥ 700 MPa and very high fracture toughness of ≥ 6 MPa√m, contributing to its robustness. The substrate can be produced in thin layers of 0.25 mm or 0.32 mm, with other thicknesses available upon request. Its good thermal conductivity (80 W/mK) is another advantage, essential for quickly dissipating heat (reactive power) from power modules. This robustness allows manufacturers to use thick copper metallization of 1 mm on the Si3N4 substrate, which is ideal for Active Metal Brazing (AMB) and Sputter Metal Bonding (SMB) applications that demand reliable performance. This capability enables maximum current levels with limited voltage levels in electrified vehicles.

CeramTec will showcase the new Si3N4 substrate Sinalit® at PCIM Europe 2024 from June 11-13 in Nuremberg (Hall 7, Booth 540).  

Find out more at CeramTec @ PCIM Europe 2024