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A Dynamic New Entry in the Industrial Plastics Arena


Xylethon® impresses as an engineering plastic with its exceptional abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction. Xylethon®’s unique properties make it the ideal choice for liners and numerous machined parts such as slides, spacers, stops, bushings and gears. No matter what the requirement, the result is a part with unequaled wear life. 

Xylethon® Applications

  • Material handling: Xylethon® is often used as slider plates, guides and slideways in conveyor and transportation equipment to reduce abrasive wear and extend equipment life.
  • Wear protection: In industries such as mining, cement production, wood processing and recycling, Xylethon® is used to produce wear parts that can withstand the extreme conditions they are exposed to.
  • Chemical industry: Due to its excellent chemical resistance, Xylethon® is also used in chemical applications where standard UHMW’s breakdown or fail.

Xylethon delivers...:

  • Increased Productivity – Xylethon unique surface reduces material movement problems
  • Reduced Maintenance – Xylethon outlasts the competition by 3 to 5 times
  • Self Lubrication – Xylethon surface polishes with use 
  • Lowest Operating Cost – Xylethon runs better for longer, saving you money and downtime
  • Ability to be Welded – Xylethon can be welded together to create longer sheets


Xylethon can be hand carried since a 4’ x 10’ x 1/4” thick plate weighs only 50 pounds compared to 408 pounds for steel plate of equal size. Most Xylethon® applications do not require any special handling equipment such as cranes or extra labor.


Tools such as a Saber saw, circular saw or sharp crosscut saw can be used to cut Xylethon®. Drilling holes and countersinking can be accomplished using normal hand or power tools.


Xylethon® Material Spec Sheet
A dynamic new entry in the industrial plastics arena
Xylethon® Applications
Coal, Pulp & Paper Applications