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CeramTec's CEO Dr. Hadi Saleh infront of a light background
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Hadi Saleh

Dr. Hadi Saleh was appointed CEO of the CeramTec Group on March 8, 2018. Since 2015 Dr. Saleh has been Chief Operating Officer of CeramTec’s Executive Board, responsible for the Medical Applications Segment. He worked in the medical technology sector, as Senior Vice President of Biomet Inc. and President of Biomet International he was previously responsible for all Biomet product lines worldwide outside of the US and Europe. In addition, he played a leading role in the Zimmer Holdings acquisition of Biomet Inc. Since 2001, Dr. Saleh has held a number of positions at Biomet, first at Biomet Germany, then Biomet Europe and finally at the parent company, Biomet Inc. in Warsaw, IN in the United States. Prior to this he studied and earned his doctorate at the universities in Frankfurt am Main and Mainz, worked as an orthopedic surgeon at St. Josef’s Hospital in Wiesbaden and at the University Clinic in Heidelberg and was a Senior Consultant at GAIA in Hamburg.

Member of the Executive Board (Finance)

Eric Oellerer

On September 15, 2018, Eric Oellerer was appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to the CeramTec Group management board. In his most recent position as CFO and COO of Metabowerke GmbH, where he was since 2011, Eric Oellerer held joint responsibility for the restructuring of the company, including a marked improvement in profitability. Before that, he served as portfolio manager at HgCapital for three years, after being at Daimler/­Mercedes-Benz, where he after some years in M&A was responsible for various companies in the role as CFO.

Eric Oellerer has a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands, and a Magister Juris from the University of Vienna, Austria.

Eric Oellerer infront of a light background
Richard Boulter infront of a light background
Member of the Executive Board (President Industrial)

Richard Boulter

Richard Boulter was appointed to the Executive Board as of November 5th 2018 as President Industrial for CeramTec. In his last position, Richard Boulter was General Manager for Johnson Controls in Germany. Prior to that Richard Boulter was President and CEO of Vacuumschmelze GmbH in Hanau and has held various leadership roles at Eaton, Siemens and Schneider Electric, being located in Germany, UK, USA and China. In these roles Richard Boulter has been instrumental in integrating businesses, growing businesses through portfolio and geographical expansion and restructuring businesses where required.

Richard Boulter has a higher national certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Loughborough Technical College in the UK.

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