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Restart of the “active breaks”

Staying fit quickly and easily with small exercises

Staying fit quickly and easily with small exercises – this is the concept of “active breaks” which was reactivated in September at our company in collaboration with the BARMER health insurance company and the trainers of the ALEXBAD team.

On 9 of September it all started again: In 15 minutes all employees can stay fit once a week within small coordination exercises with a funny expect to work positively against tension, back and neck pain and promote mobility. The professional coaches of the ALEXBAD team from Bad Alexandersbad have been new since the beginning of 2019. As a competent partner for companies, which like CeramTec, they want to implement the topic of occupational health promotion professionally and in the long term they lead the sports enthusiasts and bring them loose and stress-free to the momentum.

Our management also promotes the sporting action. ”The health of our employees is important to us and that is why we are happy to support them in maintaining their personal fitness. We have had the experience that regular, easily accessible offers are very well received and make it easier to stay “dran” This was also a good reason to reactivate the “active breaks” that have already been successfully introduced for a long time”, says CEO Dr. Hadi Saleh, himself a passionate runner.