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Information - Russia-Ukraine conflict

Investor Update

In light of sanctions that have been and are being implemented and the ongoing events in Ukraine, CeramTec (together with its subsidiaries, the “CeramTec Group”) has conducted a high-level analysis of its exposure to these events, including in relation to its supply chain. The CeramTec Group does currently not expect any significant direct impact on its operations. The CeramTec Group does not have any manufacturing sites or direct material suppliers in Belarus, Russia or the Ukraine. Any potential indirect exposure is being investigated and monitored.  

The CeramTec Group estimates that, on an annual basis, customers in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine comprised less than 1% of its total revenues.

CeramTec and its subsidiaries around the world are fully committed to adhering to all necessary regulations. The CeramTec Group will continue to assess the situation as it evolves.

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