Collective Values Make Us More Successful

Values of CeramTec

A collective vision and collective goals unite us. With advanced ceramics, we drive technologies capable of overcoming a range of technical challenges. We are always developing new, intelligent solutions and supply numerous markets in the medical and industrial sectors with a growing product portfolio. This makes us proud.

But the end doesn’t justify the means. Our actions and behaviour are based on mutual convictions of what is good and what is important. The CeramTec values were forged in our everyday work and in numerous dedicated workshops. Over 100 employees worldwide – from the USA, China, Malaysia, the UK and Germany – were actively involved in the discussions and the development of our values. These convictions are reflected in our corporate values and unify our company across the planet.

These are the Values we stand for:

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A yellow puzzle piece with a network on it

We are respectful, we value others and together we achieve more.


We are passionate about our people, our customers, our products and are determined to deliver results.

An orange puzzle piece with open hands and a heart in the middle
A blue puzzle piece with a rocket on it
Learn & grow

We achieve growth by learning and developing.

Open & positive mindset

We welcome new ideas and change.

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A piece of a puzzle with a magnifying glass zooming in on a group
Customer focus

We continuously innovate & improve what we do for our customers and internal partners.


We have the highest standards of honesty in everything we do.

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A piece of a puzzle with a lup zooming in on people

We take responsibility for our actions.

We support you