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With pink ribbons and black moustaches against cancer

CeramTec supports cancer awareness and research

Although the risk of breast cancer as well as testicular and prostate cancer is well known, there is still a lack of awareness and the necessary information on cancer prophylaxis. Especially this year, when people's health is already at the centre of attention due to the corona pandemic, it is important to focus on the prevention of other diseases as well. For the fifth time, CeramTec is supporting the worldwide awareness campaign with the company-wide Pink Ribbon Action Day. For the first time, this was combined with the Movember, a campaign from Australia, which aims to draw attention to typical “men's diseases”. In this context, CeramTec is donating to the German Cancer Research Center, Pink Ribbon Germany and the Movember Foundation.

Worldwide, more than one million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year - this means that one in eight women is affected by the disease. For women, this disease is not only the most common type of cancer, but also the one with the most fatalities. While breast cancer is rare in men, prostate cancer affects over five million people worldwide. For all types, the earlier a tumour is detected, the better the chances of successfully fighting the cancer. In addition to cancer research, it is therefore particularly important to educate people about the topic and create awareness of the disease.

For this reason, CeramTec supports the Pink Ribbon and Movember campaigns: On the campaign day, the employees created a sea of pink with clothing, posters, flags, napkins and even food and drinks, from which only the black moustaches stand out, which – in the spirit of solidarity – were worn by men and women. A variety of pictures on the CeramTec website show the creativity of the workforce. As a visible sign and thus a lasting sensitization to the issues, the advanced ceramics manufacturer also distributed pink ribbons, information material and lip care sticks to the employees under the motto “Take care.” In addition, to support science in its research and search for better treatment methods, CeramTec donated to Pink Ribbon Germany, the Movember Foundation and the German Cancer Research Center.