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CeramTec donates for research on malignant childhood brain tumors

Support of the association "Franken-Hilft"

CeramTec supports DIPG research in the fight against malignant brain tumors in children. Xenia Schmidt from our Human Resources Team and the Chairman of the Works Council, Alexander Schätz, presented a check in the amount of 500 Euros to Andreas Brandl, Chairman of the Franken-Hilft association, at the Lauf site on December 7. Diffuse intrinsic ponsgliom (DIPG) is a brain tumor that occurs mainly in childhood. The tumor is malignant, rapidly growing and inoperable.

"We would like to thank CeramTec very much for the generous donation". Currently there is no chance of recovery and the average survival time after diagnosis is only nine months, said Brandl when receiving the checks. This makes it all the more important to provide financial support for DIPG research in the search for new treatment options, emphasized Xenia Schmidt. "We are pleased if CeramTec can make a contribution in the fight against DIPG," said Schätz.

Franken-Hilft e.V. is a non-profit organization that accompanies and supports selected aid projects. The association's focus is on the fight against DIPG. All members work voluntarily.