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CeramTec ultrasonic sensors help dialysis patients

The COVID-19 virus is particularly dangerous for elderly people and people with pre-existing illnesses. Dialysis patients, for example, represent a highly endangered group of people. To protect these patients, treatment is transferred to patients' homes instead of dialysis centers whenever possible. The demand for mobile dialysis machines is therefore increasing rapidly. ultrasonic sensors play a key role in both mobile and stationary equipment.

A body produces many toxic metabolic products every day, which are normally excreted via the kidneys with the urine. If damaged kidneys are not able to excrete these substances sufficiently, they accumulate in the body, which can be life-threatening within a few days. A dialysis machine thus replaces the function of a kidney and detoxifies the blood, also known as blood washing.

CeramTec air in line sensors detect lethal air bubbles in the blood returned to the patient and interrupt the treatment. Other ultrasonic sensors detect the levels of vital liquid medications in dialysis machines, allowing the supply to be precisely dosed, thus improving the effectiveness of dialysis.

CeramTec’s ultrasonic sensors are designed to use in house manufactured piezo ceramic components which are critical to their functionality and reliability. In addition to ultrasonic sensors CeramTec also manufactures ceramic components used in dialysis machine.

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