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CeramTec dipping molds are essential for the production of disposable medical gloves

The lack of protective equipment for doctors and nurses has become a major problem worldwide in the era of the COVID-19 virus. All manufacturers are under enormous pressure to ensure adequate supplies. In addition to protective masks and protective suits, disposable medical gloves are urgently needed.

CeramTec is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dip molds made of technical ceramics that simulate a human hand. The company supports major manufacturers of gloves from the private and industrial sectors, but especially from the medical sector. Over 1,800 different hand shapes are now produced from technical ceramics.

To produce gloves, the ceramic dipping moulds are dipped into liquid latex, nitrile, polyisoprene, neoprene or other special Butadiene rubber masses. The masses in combination with coagulant liquid adhere evenly to the ceramic dipping moulds and after several dipping steps, they are vulcanized and finally become a solid film meeting the standards of breaking strength, tensile strength, elongation and thickness. After further processing steps the finished glove is auto stripped from the dipping mould and auto packed.

Due to its exceptional material properties, technical ceramics are particularly well suited for this application. These include first and foremost thermal shock resistance, resistance to corrosive media and a very low coefficient of expansion.

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