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Hermetic feedthroughs enable RNA sequencing in COVID-19 testing equipment

Testing plays a crucial role as preventive action against the further spread of the virus, so it is vital to boost testing capacity globally. Many independent laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are investing an enormous amount of resources to develop COVID-19 testing procedures – especially for fast and reliable test results.

One of the testing methods is based on laser fluorescence spectroscopy. With the very detailed understanding of the virus and specifically the genetic “make-up” of the virus-specific proteins, these proteins can be verified by using ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequencing, which is generated with the help of laser fluorescence equipment.

The milliwatt laser source as the core device of such an equipment is built into a vacuum environment. The necessary energy generator to drive the laser is located outside of this environment. To conduct the power to the laser a reliable connection between the two environments is needed, made possible by the use of hermetic sealed feedthroughs from CeramTec.

Ceramaseal® ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs are custom assemblies for the passthrough of substances or energy from outside a hermetically-sealed chamber to the inside. They provide hermeticity and electrical isolation and remain leak-free in high and ultra-high vacuum.

Ceramaseal® feedthroughs are ideal for all applications that require both hermeticity (vacuum-tightness) and electrical insulation. Ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs not only offer absolute freedom from leaks in vacuum and ultra-vacuum environments, but are also resistant to high temperatures, cryogenic temperatures, high pressure and aggressive chemicals. This makes them ideal for use under extreme conditions.

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